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April 2009

A Competition and A Challenge

First - the competition.  All you have to do is go to my website and sign up to receive the newsletter and you could be hanging your choice of Colours of Scotland print on your wall at the end of May. I came up with this to hide the fact that I really did no work last night.  I did have a very nice social evening though and a caffeine fuelled brainsto[...]

New work – Spike

I did stay away from the computer last night and confined myself to pencils.  I took my drawing board upstairs and sat on my bed - where no teenager or cat dares to go.  With no-one shouting 'mum' or 'mieow' (believe me, cats can shout too!) I had a calm atmosphere and so a very calm picture was started. This is one of my cats, Spike, the last time he attemp[...]

My First Collection

I thought I would share my first collection with you before I show you the new things I am working on.  (Mainly because I spent last night taking my prnter apart to unjam it instead of working)  Think redhead + PMT + uncooperative piece of machinery + no chocolate in the house and you will get the picture!! I am really please with this collection and it has gaine[...]

Hello World!!

So this is my first blog and it will be a commentary on the progress of my website and my artwork.   This is a new journey for me into a world of technology I am not familiar with, I am enjoying the journey most of the time.....just sometimes I could throw the computer out of the window.  Things will develop at their own pace as they seem to do around me.  My[...]

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