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So this is my first blog and it will be a commentary on the progress of my website and my artwork.   This is a new journey for me into a world of technology I am not familiar with, I am enjoying the journey most of the time…..just sometimes I could throw the computer out of the window. 

Things will develop at their own pace as they seem to do around me.  My pencils and my computers have minds of their own and sometimes do not want to co-operate…..at those moments I retreat and fill up on caffeine before I try to persuade them into my way of thinking again.

I warn you now…I am a redhead which means that I am passionate, it also means I could go off on a rant about something completely irrelevant at any point in time.  There will be art in there at some point though.  I will also share some of the things I learn as I make mistakes along the way.

I should let you know who I am

This is me


The website is at www.raspberrydoodles.co.uk

Please do drop by and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow I will start to share some work with you….or let you know how much caffeine I consumed not working!!