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May 2009

Who would like a challenge?

Am I the only artist who needs a challenge to light a fire under them.  I set myself the challenge of getting my website up and running in 2 weeks...and I did it.  It still needs a few tweeks but it is soooooooo much better than the last one. I now have a million ideas in my head as to what to do next but, and it is a BIG BUT, I have done almost nothing this week[...]

Work in progress

I am now working on customising this blog page.....Help!!! I am learning another language that is foreign to me so if it all goes horribly wrong - I apologise but if it works then it will be better and you will be able to link in and out of the website and it will look the same as the website and I will be very happy.  Otherwise it will be a caffeine nightmare.[...]

What does it take to be an artist?

Passion and Patience, Talent and Temperament, Obsession and Opportunity, Focus and Faith. Is that enough? An artist needs to be able to be a one-person whirlwind of drive and determination.  Being a great artist is not enough.  You have to be able to promote your artwork which involves being able to communicate effectively face to face, in your blog, on your w[...]

New Abstract-The Beach

Finally, I managed to get away from the computer and the website and get back to creating some new artwork.  I had forgotten how messy it was when I paint though, especially when I create abstracts.  I would have take a photograph to show you but I could not bring myself to let you see how messy I actually am.   Not to mention the fact that animals and children st[...]

New Website

At last!!  2 weeks of long hours and a steep learning curve and it is done! There were many times where I really wanted to throw the computer out of the window or just go drink coffee instead.  I have a 'design' brain and it doesn't want to understand all of these funny symbols which mean nothing to me but I have done it and I am pleased that I did.  I just hope[...]

Friday – Only 2 days to go

I just have to face the fact that I am not superwoman and everything will be allright.  :) Only, I still cannot get my head round the fact that, although I can achieve anything I want to (eventually), I cannot achieve everything all at once. It is now 2 days till I launch my website and I have started to publicise the fact so there is no getting out of it. I[...]

3 Days to go!!

Another mini blog as it is all systems go to get the new website for Sunday!! I am really quite excited but not sure how I am going to get everything done. I did finish the last of the minicards last night, last for now anyway.       I also got postcards of 8 of the Colours of Scotland Designs, a very limited run of only 50 of each has been done[...]

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