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June 2009

30 Day Challenge – Day 2

30 Days - 30 Pictures I was slightly distracted by the tennis match last night but still managed to finish another abstract.  A smaller one this time it is 20cm x 20cm (Lime Spalsh was 30cm x 30cm). This image is smaller but much more detailed with a woven beaded 'wave'.  The beads are on a crocheted wire mesh and this is one of my favourite techniques so you[...]

30 Day Challenge Day 1

30 Days and 30 pieces of artwork was the challenge, this is day one and I promised you a new piece of art so here it is:   A mixed media abstract on canvas using acrylic paint, beads and wire, I have called this one Lime Splash.  As usual my photography is not great but the light is terrible here at the moment through the mist.  I will try to get some bet[...]

July Challenge

Ok, so I failed miserably on the June challenge although I did get a lot done.  I was held back by a horrible summer cold for a week but I should have managed to get more done.  What I have achieved has made my house look better and me feel better so I don't feel too bad about it. Spring Clean Lounge Paint Front Hall Paint Woodwork in Dining Room Paint Upstai[...]

Inspiration from the Garden

New artwork at last!! I was very happy to finally be back painting on Saturday night.  I had been out fighting the front garden with all the weapons I could muster but had been beaten back by a weed which my body decided it didn't like. I came out in water blisters all over my arms and the side of my face which then became swollen so I would have made a very good[...]

Birthday, Celebration and Doubt

I keep missing random days on my blog and that is because life just seems to get away from me. Yesterday was my younger son's 18th birthday so I took him out for dinner - KFC, his choice.  It brought back memories of when I used to take him and his brother when they were little and made me smile.  The amount of food he eats has increased and his height has increased[...]

Passion and opinions

I have always sold my art face to face so all internet marketing is very new and, if I am honest, pretty alien to me.  I have read a lot of articles giving advice on how this should be done and, apart from the stuff which is common sense, most of it gives completely conflicting advice. Be professional - Be personal Don't tell people what your daily life is like[...]

Another one off the list

Wow, a busy weekend both socially and in attacking my to do list. I spent some great catch up time with friends and really enjoyed it. Yesterday I spent really attacking my garde, my lovely mum came and helped for a while until we were rained off but once it had cleared I started the attack again. It is so nearly there now, after laying 14 bags of chips and 15 slabs t[...]

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