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August 2009

My First MailArt Image – Self Portrait

The theme is "Time and Being Human" interpretation is "My Time Being Human" so you get snapshots of my life in the postcards.  I will use this challenge to stretch myself again and explore what I can do.  I will also share a little of what makes me I thought about my theme for quite a long time, thinking about times in history, development of the[...]

When the artist met the poet

What happens when an artist meets a poet?  In this case they get on famously and collaborate on a project - my illustration and Liz's poem.  I mentioned this in my post about the other 30 day challenges and promised I would share the results.  I really enjoyed working on this for Liz and am delighted that she allowed me to illustrate one of her poems. Thank you L[...]

My Life in Postcards

I have been a little absent from my blog and I appologise but sometimes life gets in the way, however, a new challenge is ready to begin!!  If you get an e-mail which starts...... "We are about to embark on another aesthetic voyage through the precarious postal system." .......then it fires your enthusiasm for another challenge. This time the it is the brainch[...]


This lovely labrador came to visit me in Pittenweem just as I was trying to eat lunch.....look at that face.....I had to share.  It did mean that if I held my brie sandwich beside my camera I could get this beautiful photograph to work from.   I had fun shopping for new pencils before starting this portrait (not sure why I had to buy the lovely green pencil[...]


I never imagined that my 30 day challenge would inspire so many people to take on their own challenges and I am really honoured that these ladies have found me an inspiration.  First a progress report, Karen Geilen has had a few problems including being ill but has bravely continued with her challenge, this beautiful sketch of her son is my favourite so far.[...]

Twitter Role of Honour

When I decided to try out Twitter I did not know what to expect at all.....what I found was a wonderfull community where people are willing to share ideas and support each other, help when you need it and give you a push too.  Of course there are bots and bad follows but there is a block button to make them disappear and that just leaves you with a wonderful group[...]

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