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August 2009

New Work – ‘Bear’

Last week at the festival I decided to work while I was there as an artist working is a good discussion point and helps make good conversations - which it did very well for me. I was very luck to have a fantastic commission to work on which was a huge challenge but a labour of love. This is 'Bear' who sadly died recently and the owners wanted a portrait to preserve[...]

Winner of July Giveaway

Just realised that I had forgotten to make the draw for my July Giveaway which is a mounted print of 'Harry' as shown below.  My head has been full of 'Festival Stuff'. I put all of the comments on from Twitter, Facebook and my blog into a numbered list and made a request for a random pick on twitter. Jessica Doyle (@jessicadoyle) picked no92 which means that Amy Ke[...]

Do I have the right to call myself an Artist?

Today my right to call myself an artist was called into question by someone and it has wound me up completely.  It was during a conversation about the festival I am attending where I was told that they do not want to let standards drop by 'letting in' people who are not professional artists (while she gestured at my artwork) nor do they want to turn it into a 'craf[...]


When I started the 30 day challenge I never imagined that I would inspire other people along the way and that makes me feel really humble.  Everyone knows how much I learned during the challenge and now the Arts Festival has given me so much more by letting me see people's reactions first hand.  I love that my pictures can make people happy.  :) One of the people[...]

Festival Preview and Opening Day

Finally, the big day arrived and I had to start to put together my artwork to make it look the best I could.  My friend and her daughter (my goddaughter)were both with me to help set things up and keep me sane. We set to work covering the wall cupboards with brown paper to provide a neutral backdrop for the paintings and using black cloths on the tables to give a[...]

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