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October 2009

My Very First Calendar

Hooray!!  I finished my first calendar......that was not easy. No-one told me it was so difficult to set up a involved some colourful language as well as colourful inks. However, it is done and I am quite happy with it......I think. The light was not great for the photograph but the cover has a lovely sparkle through and the pages are printed i[...]

Orange Shoes!! MailART

I am soooooo glad this MailART has arrived safely as it is a picture of my favourite shoes.  Ok, so I love shoes!!!  I have a few pairs (over 50) but these are my favourites.  These are the kind of shoes that can brighten any day, any dull outfit and just make you smile :) They are in no way practical....I cannot walk far in them........ they are sitting down[...]

A Touch of Colour – MailART

Where is my time going this month?  I need to pick up my pencils again soon or I will have forgotten how to use them. :(    Shout at me if I do not keep you supplied with new work to look at! I thought that this MailART may cheer up a very grey Tuesday (at least it is here in Fife).  These beautiful lillies grow outside in the garden at the back of my house. [...]

Purple Power

Time for some more MailART, as I am enjoying a bit of a break in the Lake District you can catch up with some more of this challenge. Today's postcard is off my little purple Fiesta.....this little bug and I spend about an hour and a half together every work day, longer if we get stuck behind a tractor!!   I always have the radio on or my IPod plugged in and I j[...]

It is in the Jeans – MailART

So sorry for the delay in posting to the blog again but, just in case you missed it, here is the reason Little Aiden, born yesterday morning at 3.28 am, a healthy 7lb 10oz I am now a very proud grandma.....though I have to admit I am still struggling with the grandma bit.  He is beautiful though so there are advantages to feeling this old. Anyway...back to[...]

Portrait Challenge – Part 2

This portrait started quite well and I was really pleased with what I had achieved.....then something happened and I lost it somewhere. At this stage things are still going pretty well but somewhere in the next stage I lost a little. It is a nice picture....I like it ...but it is not Rose.  I checked with her mum and this is what she said. "It’s defi[...]

Start of my Portrait Challenge

I have to start with another thank you to you all for your support....I posted my request for volunteers and so many of you responded.  I hope I can do this!! I said I would share this challenge with you and I will share as I go along so I hope that this works, I have to say I am terrified of letting anyone down or upsetting them if I do not portray what is expe[...]

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