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January 2010

Shades of White

Things have not gone to plan this week though I cannot complain as things are happening.....I will share as soon as I can. I did promise you that I would share some of the wonderful things that I have found and enjoyed and had sent to me every Thursday. I have achieved that if nothing else this week. There is so much that I want to share with you: so many[...]

Mini Portfolio

Ok…..I admit it. Blogging and drawing every day when you are trying to arrange a wedding (in less than 3 months) and make your own dress and cake was a bad idea. :( Especially when you are working on commission which you cannot share until the client is happy with them. So… I am going to take the pressure off myself so that I can enjoy the whole process[...]

One Image – Different Media

First of all I have discovered that although I can find time to draw and sketch every day it is much harder to find time to write about it. Writing does not come as naturally to me as drawing so it takes much longer. That is my way of saying sorry I missed a day. I am still working on commissions that I cannot show you yet but I hope to show you them soon.  Today[...]

Robin Redbreast

Still full of the cold and frustrated that I cannot draw properly for more than 5 minutes without having to stop but I had to get back to drawing my way again.  I am happy that my promised to myself has lasted more than a week too and don't want to give up. When I was down on Isle of Wight last week we were visited by a little, fat robin who had his eyes on some[...]

Jerry – The Dragon

Drawing is always difficult when you have a cold as leaning forward with a dripping nose is just not good :( .....this means another illustration for today. (I am finding these way too much fun) Yesterday you met Jerry the cat and I said that he was a shapeshifting cat so today I thought I would explore that and change him into the pet that every little boy woul[...]

A Much Needed Companion

I am working on some animal portraits at the moment which I cannot share yet but I am keeping my promise to myself to draw every day.  It is so cold that I am staying in the office at lunch times so I am drawing then too......good for my drawing but, without my walk at lunch, not so healthy. It does mean that little drawings and experiments are emerging and after th[...]

Something Completely Different

I think you all know that part of my love for art lies in experimenting and trying new things all of the time......ok, I admit I have a low boredom threshold :) In a previous job I wrote a drama workshop which involved an interactive story and a puppet which I designed and made from scratch.  I also had the chance to illustrate a book for them which was great fun.[...]

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