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I have been absent for longer than I had thought I would be but a lot has been happening.

I moved 500 miles

Started a new job


got married

I never do things by halves 🙂


……….I was beginning to wonder if I had forgotten how to draw 🙁

I thought I would try a little project to start with so I am going to do a few postcards of my new world down on the Isle of Wight to share with you.

The first one had to be my favourite new friend.

He joins me when I have coffee on the bench at the bottom of the garden, he doesn’t even mind if I don’t have anything to share.  Normally, he has company but at the moment, she is elswhere….busy sitting on a nest I hope. 

This was him yesterday evening when I had coffee while waiting on Tom getting home for dinner……and this is my interpretation.

The image is drawn using watercolour pencils on a 4″ x 6″ postcard.

I would love to hear your opinion…..or just say hi as I missed you all.  🙂