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May 2010

Baby Owl

 This was just too cute to resist.  This photo is by the lovely Carla Boulton (@naughtymutt).  Carla shared this at the weekend.....he is only 4 weeks old and was sitting in a recycling box.  He doesn't look very happy about being awake :) Carla very kindly said I could draw him so I decided to do a postcard sized version of h[...]

A New Challenge

I know lots of new people are following this blog now, thank you for joining us, and if you are new then you may not know that I like to challenge myself.  Those of you who have followed for a while, thank you for being so patient with me, will hopefully be interested right now :) Drawing has been on the back burner too long and I wanted to go back to learning as[...]

Feeding the Ducks

My return to drawing has not gone to plan, I had hoped to be drawing much more regularly by now but illness and a husband who is immobile with a bad back have slowed things down.  I am glad when I do have some time though and today everything else was left while I indulged myself, just a little. One of my favourite things here is sitting on the decking at the botto[...]

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