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March 2011

Ugly Duckling to Swan

Yay!! I have finished the was an epic battle which I nearly lost a few times.  It definitely got ugly a few times.  This was one painting which did not happen the way I had first pictured it.  It changed a number of times as I realised my  limitations and the limitations of the materials I was using. This was the stage where I worked on the neck an[...]

The Swan Gets Body

I said already that this is the first time I have painted on canvas with acrylic and it is a very steep learning curve. Paintbrushes don't work like pencils for detail and after a lot of trial and error I decided to compromise on the finer details.  At this stage I have put in more detail and texture on the body. Now.....waiting on paint drying again :([...]

Start of Something New

You wait forever on a blog then 2 come along at once :) I have started something new. It is acrylic on canvas which is new for me......well in as much as I have only done abstracts in this medium before. I got this far then had to wait for the paint to dry.........hmmmmm You may remember I drew this picture last year I can't wait to see what it[...]

Baaaad Attitude

It has been way too long since I was here and it is due to a bad attitude on my part.  I put art far too far down my list of priorities.....mainly because I did not have a deadline. Well, I have changed that and will tell you about that soon but thought I would share my warm up drawing with you first......a little present for my brother-in-law who collects all thi[...]

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