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April 2011

Casper the White Lion

Better late than never......this has been a marathon drawing again.  I estimate around 40 - 50 hours has been spent on this lion but I am pretty pleased with the final result. Here is the original photo again to compare. As usual, his eyes are my favourite bit. He is completed in Derwent Watercolour Pencils on smooth cartridge paper and will be p[...]

King of the Jungle

I shared the start of a new drawing with you yesterday but did not tell you what it was or share my working photograph. The start of the drawing was a little deceiving because of the colour of the eyes but it is a lion.....a white lion.  One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. His name is Casper and he was as curious as I was.  This is one of[...]

My Dream

I love VW Camper Vans, they are just so cool.  My dream is to have one and drive round the country taking photographs and drawing till my heart is content.  Until then I just have to be content to draw one :( Last year there was a fantastic classic car show on the Island and I snapped this wonderful camper van. This is completed with Derwent Drawing Pencils on[...]

Time to Get Serious

After finally getting to enjoy my delayed honeymoon and celebrate my first wedding anniversary ..... can you believe it? ...... I have to get serious and get some work done. From the 15th - 18th July I will be participating in The Isle of Wight Open Studios and will open my home and studio to visitors for the first time.  I will share my work and my sketchbooks wi[...]

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