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August 2011

Busy Times

Things have been so busy since the weekend. Catching up on emails, drawing and clearing up the usual mess in the studio. It is an exciting time for me with lots to draw and there are some really beautiful animals. There is time for a quick update on the portrait of Boris and Buddy. Their lovely owners were quite pleased with the progress on this one. Here is Buddy.[...]

Boris and Buddy

This week is so busy and a lot of drawing is going on as well as packing and printing. The drawing I started to share with you the other day is well on it's way. I didn't introduce them They are Buddy the golden retriever and Boris the Black Russian Terrier. I showed you the start of Buddy the other day and here is Boris. This drawing is a real challenge and on[...]

Live Event – The Garlic Festival

This weekend is another chance to see my artwork close up at The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival. The festival mixes food, music, live entertainment, arts and good family fun.  It is my husband's favourite event of the year and it means I can't go near him for 2 or 3 days till the garlic smell wears off.  I have an allergy/sensitivity to garlic which means he is cla[...]

Hospice Auction Drawing

This is one of my biggest drawings to date again and is my first two dog portrait. This commission is the one that was auctioned for The Earl Mountbatten Hospice so it is a real pleasure to do. Charity auctions are always a risk as you don't have as much control over what you draw but I was soooooooooo lucky this time. Look! I am late starting this as some sch[...]

A Daughter’s Love

I have finished this portrait and I am happyish with it. I can see the flaws and where I can improve but I didn't overwork it which is progress. It also captures the feel of the moment and the love between father and daughter....I think so anyway. The two subjects are delighted with it which is the main thing. It has encouraged me to try more people too :)[...]

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