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October 2011

Boris and Buddy Complete

I promised that I would show you this complete drawing a while ago but have only just managed to get this to the owners. This drawing is very special to me for a number of reasons: it was auctioned for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice and all of the money went to a terrific cause I completed a large part of this drawing 'live' at the Garlic festival where it drew[...]

The Value of Art……Mine in Particular

Yesterday for the first time I stood up for the value of my art. I said I am an artist who produces quality work and I deserve to be paid for the work that I do. I was cross because I felt that someone had questioned my integrity. They did me a favour because it is the first time there has been as much passion in the description of my work as there is in my w[...]

Triple Test

I thought I would do something radical tonight and actually write a blog post :) I have been very busy drawing which is great news for me but I have not been able to share most of them as they are gifts .... but this one I can share.  :) This drawing proved to be a real test as it included three beautiful boxers. Look As I am right handed, it is be[...]

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