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April 2012


I have had two attempts at starting this new portrait but I hope it was worth it. Meet Chiquita. She is a Jaguar who was the victim of illegal animal trade and rescued from a garage!! She is beautiful, living and playful and I love her. You can see her spirit and I am so glad the wonderful Isle of Wight Zoo saved her. Here is how the drawing has started.[...]

Hamish is Complete

I love drawing with coloured pencils. I love that I can take my work anywhere I go. I can curl up on the sofa with my drawing board on my knee, sit in the garden on pack up and go to the beach (not in this weather) What I don't love is that they are a very unforgiving medium. If you make a mistake hours and hours of work can be gone in an instant. That nearly happen[...]

More Hamish

Made some more progress on this drawing. The challenge with this drawing is to find the character with no eyes to draw you in. The strength in most of my work is on the eyes but what can you do when there are no eyes to be seen? How about a big, delicious pink nose instead? I hope you can see what a character this great beast is. He was wonderful to see.[...]

I’ve Been Framed

Well, to be more accurate, some of my drawings have been framed. Oscar Nahla Martha And Kadi Kadi is the first to go into an exhibition next month, making his first public appearance.  He is going to be part of a launch exhibition at The Big Wight Space, Scarrots Lane in Newport which is being held in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice[...]

The Latest on Hamish

I have had a wonderful art filled weekend at The Isle of Arts festival in Ventnor. I volunteered to steward again this year and had an amazing time, met some wonderful artists, singers and comedians as well as the other fantastic volunteers and organisers. I cannot recommend this festival enough and would advise you to make sure you don't miss it next year. That w[...]

Exciting Times

These are exciting times for me and my work. I am so happy that people want to see my work. It does of course mean I need more work to show. Do you remember this drawing? I started it last year during the Open Studios Event. It has sat untouched since then as I have been very lucky to be busy since then. I love Highland Cows though so he deserves to be finishe[...]


Somewhere over the weekend I had my 10,000th visitor to my blog. I am extremely grateful for all your support and your comments. Now, time for a little experiment. I bought some coloured paper to try out my pencils on. It is all over the place to start with as I am seeing how the two interact. Not sure yet. The texture on the paper is making it di[...]

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