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First of all thank you for still being there, it is nice to know.  🙂

For the new year my biggest challenge was to sort out my studio to give me extra storage and create a space that I wanted to be in.  I had in my mind a big dresser with cupboard space in the bottom and a bookshelf on the top.  When I looked at what was available the cost was pretty prohibitive at £600 – £1500.  We then looked around for something we could adapt and were lucky enough to find a big old sideboard type thing with a drawer that pulled out into a desk and a bookshelf which had a secret compartment at the back.  Together they cost £100 which was a much better price.  I did forget to take a photo before I started but you must all be used to me by now :0

A tin of chalk paint, some sandpaper…..a whole lot of dust and mess and some wax later I have a wonderful new storage space for all my lovely art supplies.

2014-01-12 13.23.47

2014-01-12 13.24.47


I had to take the photo in two bits as the room is not big enough for me to get far enough back but I am very pleased with my (and my hubby’s) efforts.

It is the first step in getting a nice calm space to work and produce more drawings like this one which I realised I had not shown you the finished version of.



I just love those eyes.