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Life is busy.  I have a full time job that demands a lot of my time and energy!!  It is difficult to switch off sometimes and if I have a problem I will work late into the evening to solve it or I won’t sleep.

My desires drive me towards creative things, I want and need to spend some time on.  Whatever it is that drives you, a hobby, a relationship, a job… it’s important to always remember why.

A great satisfaction arises from doing things that we love, and trying to achieve something to satisfy that desire within us to create!!  Drawing is like a massage that gently unties the knots that work creates for me and leaves me with a smile on my face. I love to look at what I create and track my growth and progress.  I also love to see other people’s reaction to my work.

Whatever you do…just remember why you started. It’s easy to motivate yourself once you remember the reason you do it.
Go on…..join me in doing something you love 🙂