Pet Portraits

My Absence

Sorry I have been a bit absent for a few days but there were some technical details needing my attention .... there were lots of things missing from my website and it looked very untidy!! I think it looks much better now ...... though I would love your opinion - you always give great feedback I sorted out the front page so you c[...]

Children in Need – Portrait for Pudsey

Today is the day that we all have to be thankfull that our children (and grandchildren) are happy and healthy and to think of those children who are less fortunate. I would like to make some kind of small contribution so I am auctioning an animal can be a pet or a sponsored animal or you could give it to someone for Christmas.  I am going to keep thi[...]

Cheeky Monkey – Part 3

The weekend got away from me and my drawing time escaped but I did make a little progress in a few stolen moments. Every time I draw I learn something new about the way my pencils react with each other.  I learn how to make textures and to make the images vibrant and alive.  I love this process, even though sometimes it fills me with fear.  This picture has been[...]

Cheeky Monkey – Part 2

This picture is a labour of love as I did not realise how much work it would be......maybe I am just adding more and more detail each time I draw.  Whe did I become such a detail freak? :o   I am becoming rather attached to this little fellow though he is actually a combination of 3 reference photographs. This is something else I have not attempted before but,[...]

Cheeky Monkey – Part 1

Last night I needed to sit down and draw, I needed something to inspire me to get back into the habit of drawing every day.  I am still struggling with human form and breathing life into portraits of people as opposed to animals so I thought I would look at the monkey world as a way of possibly bridging the gap.  It doesn't, of course, my problem is skin as opposed[...]


I am really happy to start November with some brand new off the drawing board! I failed miserably in October to achieve my portraits challenge, due to life getting in the way, so November is all about portraits.  I will complete some of the human portraits that you sent me but there will be some animal ones too.  I attended a craft fair on Satu[...]

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