Portrait Challenge – Part 2

This portrait started quite well and I was really pleased with what I had achieved.....then something happened and I lost it somewhere. At this stage things are still going pretty well but somewhere in the next stage I lost a little. It is a nice picture....I like it ...but it is not Rose.  I checked with her mum and this is what she said. "It’s defi[...]

Start of my Portrait Challenge

I have to start with another thank you to you all for your support....I posted my request for volunteers and so many of you responded.  I hope I can do this!! I said I would share this challenge with you and I will share as I go along so I hope that this works, I have to say I am terrified of letting anyone down or upsetting them if I do not portray what is expe[...]

Make Up Time – Mailart

Time for another MailART postcard and this one is quite personal in many ways.  It represents the time I spend putting on make up.....something you will never see me without.  It is my first artistic endevour every day is to try to create an image I am happy for people to see.  I know that many people see it as a mask and whether it is or is not....I need mine. [...]

When Love Sneaks Up on You – MailART

Another of my Mailart cards has emerged from the postal system and arrived in America so I get to share.  This one is another portrait ....well a bit of one anyway.  This is the lovely man in my life and his extremely contagious smile.   I am still playing with drawing people so have not done a whole one yet.  :) This card was drawn to represent my "Time to Fa[...]

My First MailArt Image – Self Portrait

The theme is "Time and Being Human" interpretation is "My Time Being Human" so you get snapshots of my life in the postcards.  I will use this challenge to stretch myself again and explore what I can do.  I will also share a little of what makes me I thought about my theme for quite a long time, thinking about times in history, development of the[...]

New Work – ‘Bear’

Last week at the festival I decided to work while I was there as an artist working is a good discussion point and helps make good conversations - which it did very well for me. I was very luck to have a fantastic commission to work on which was a huge challenge but a labour of love. This is 'Bear' who sadly died recently and the owners wanted a portrait to preserve[...]

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