One for Redheads!

Last night I was not in the mood for anything serious.  Mischief had crept in and I felt it was time for a ‘doodle’.  I have not allowed myself this luxury for a while and it is a holiday weekend so I decided to have some fun. This was the result.[...]

New work – Spike

I did stay away from the computer last night and confined myself to pencils.  I took my drawing board upstairs and sat on my bed - where no teenager or cat dares to go.  With no-one shouting 'mum' or 'mieow' (believe me, cats can shout too!) I had a calm atm[...]

My First Collection

I thought I would share my first collection with you before I show you the new things I am working on.  (Mainly because I spent last night taking my prnter apart to unjam it instead of working)  Think redhead + PMT + uncooperative piece of machinery + no cho[...]

Hello World!!

So this is my first blog and it will be a commentary on the progress of my website and my artwork.   This is a new journey for me into a world of technology I am not familiar with, I am enjoying the journey most of the time.....just sometimes I could throw[...]

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