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July 2010

Summer Cards and Giveaway

I love getting post....when it isn't a bill. Yesterday the postman brought my summer cards from Moo That is my favourite kind of post. Here are the postcard versions I made the business cards into greeting cards :) To celebrate I am giving away a full set of greetings cards.  To enter this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog or on[...]

Day 24 – New Colours

Day 24!!!  Nearly a quarter of the way through this challenge already.  I have worked hard though....just need to work harder :o Today brings another Colours of Wight. This time it is The Needles, one of the most iconic parts of the Isle of Wight.  Pretty Cool :) Still trying to work out another 2 for this series.[...]

Colours of Wight

If you have been with me for a while then you will remember that my first range of prints was "Colours of Scotland" I wanted to create a range of contemporary landscapes that celebrated the rich colours that are found naturally in Scotland. This was my favourite from the range. Then I moved to the Isle of Wight. I loved creating this range and having the[...]

Big Boat, Little Boat

I havebeen a little absent as my friend is here from Scotland and I have been out having some fun but I do have a drawing to show you.  I think this is the final drawing in my Summer Series..... though that may change. This photographs was actually taken on my first visit to the Isle of Wight when I first met the wonderful man I have now married.  I really wanted[...]

Day 17 – Flip Flops

It is Day 17 of my 100 Days of Summer challenge already...not sure how that happened but I am happy with my progress so far.  I am also very happy that so many of you are encouraging me and keeping an eye on me :)  Thank you. Today I am continuing my summer series with good old flip flops.... an integral part of summer here. I will not subject you to the photo[...]

Day 16 Brings a New Focus

Yesterday I was pretty excited as I had confirmation of my first event on the Isle of Wight.  This was quickly followed by panic as it is pretty soon!! This is my first chance to show the Isle of Wight my work and what I can do.  No one knows my art here, no one has seen it up close.  I am starting all over again. It is always hard to stand beside your ar[...]

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