My name is Pam Stirling and I am a Scottish artist living in the beautiful Galloway Forest. 


I specialise in hand drawn pet and wildlife portraits which I have been creating for many years.  Each portrait is lovingly drawn in coloured pencil on watercolour paper using the highest quality supplies.



Dog Portraits

Here I share a few examples of dog portraits I have completed.  I love to find the character in each one and capture it within the drawing.



Cat Portraits

Here I share a few examples of cat portraits I’ve had the pleasure of drawing.  Each portrait is given the same attention to detail to create a unique and personal gift.



Plus Collection

You can also add extra subjects, including yourself or commission sponsored animals.



Options available for your portrait


Peekaboo Portrait (6 x 4 inches approx)

The peekaboo portrait is a fun, mini portrait suitable for a single subject.  The portrait is only of part of your pet, peeking in the side, top or bottom of the frame.  This is an affordable gift to bring a smile to the recipient.

Small Portrait (8 x 6 inches approx)

This small portrait is suitable for a single subject.  A good size for one head and shoulder portrait of your pet. Including horse portraits.

Medium Portrait (10 x 8 inches)

The medium portrait is a good size for one or two head and shoulder pet portraits, a full length pet or a single horse portrait.(this is not big enough for two horses).  Please add £35 for a second subject.

Large Portrait (12 x 10 inches approx)

The large portrait is a good size for two to three head and shoulder portraits or two full bodies of a small animal such as dogs and cats.  You can of course have a large single portrait. Please add £35 per additional subject.

Please ask if you would like anything different – these are just the most popular options


Gift vouchers are available for all of these options to allow the recipient to select their own favourite photographs.  You can purchase these in my shop or using the product links below.



Also available


You can also choose to do more with your portrait and have it made into gifts you can keep or share.  Ask for details with your portrait.


Tips for taking your own photographs for your pet portrait


 To ensure I can capture the character of your pet in their portrait it is important that I work from clear images which show the unique details of your pet.  Look at the texture of the fur, their eyes and any particular characteristics that are special to them.  If possible it is always best to send three or four images, letting me know which bits are best in each photo you have chosen, including colours of eyes and fur.


Here are a few tips I hope you will find helpful:

Photographs taken outside without flash or by a large window are the best to avoid red eye and capture the most natural colouring.
Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will cast dark shadows on your pet.
Take your pet’s photograph at their level rather than looking down to avoid distortion or an unnatural pose and make sure they are facing the camera if you want a head/head and shoulders pet portrait.

Try to get as close to your pet as possible while staying in focus, as this will give me the maximum amount of detail and give the best results.

Good photographs are essential as I can only draw what I see!


How do I order?

1. Choose the portrait option you would like to commission (or ask me for different options)

2. Choose 3-4 portraits that show me your pet/human in the best light and capture their character 

3. Contact me via the contact form or social media to find out my lead time or book your portrait – 
I am also happy to hear from you by phone if you have my number but don’t want the bots/trolls to get it on here


I may take a deposit if your commission is particularly complex but usually I don’t ask for payment until you are happy.  


I have tried to put all of the information that I am asked for onto this page but if it is easier to have a conversation, drop me a message with your number and I will happily call you.


I look forward to drawing a beautiful portrait for you!

Pam x