Pamela Stirling

Pamela is a natural artist who has learned from years of experience in hands on graphic, theatrical and textile design as well as individual artworks. 


Since the day I can remember I have always drawn. I started off drawing birds that visited our garden and fell in love with the power of the simple pencil to capture life.  I did not fare as well with a paint brush so did not do well in art class but never lost my love of drawing and taught myself as I went.

Art has not been my career until recently but I have always found a way to keep drawing and painting. As well as selling my own work and taking commissions, I have also completed illustration jobs, designed logos and graphics.  My work is held in private collections across the world.

As I evolve as an artist, I have concentrated on drawing which is where my greatest strength lies.   I love the challenge of capturing the unique personality that every animal or person has and bringing them to life.  Each project is special to me and this shows in the work I create.


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