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May 2013

Bracken – The Beginning

This portrait is long overdue. My friends do suffer when it comes to commissions, I don't know how they put up with me. Do you remember this portrait? Well this family have another dog. This is Bracken. Cute isn't he? Here is the start of the drawing. Hope they like it :)[...]

Tinkerbell Part One

I am making the most of feeling horrible this weekend by curling up on the sofa with my pencils and my tissues and lots of coffee. This is the start of a new portrait following Flint and Simba. This is Tinkerbell. I made quite good progress yesterday :)[...]

Warm Up Drawing

I like to have a warm up drawing on the go. Something to get my fingers and brain in gear before I tackle any commissioned drawings. Just to make sure I am in the right frame of mind to produce a standard of work I am happy with......we all have off days. This is current warm up drawing. His name is Akin and I was lucky enough to snap him at Marwell Zoo a few weeks[...]

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