I have neglected my art, my blog and you….and I am sorry.

My excuse…… I am useless without deadlines, without challenges, without being pushed.

My lovely new husband (3 months this week) is also trying to get me to draw again and blog!!

So here is my new challenge.

In 100 days of summer, I will:

  • Sort out my new studio
  • Launch the new range of prints and cards I have been promising myself.
  • Complete some new artwork. (At least 20 pieces)
  • Add the gifts that I have been designing in my head
  • Finish my new website
  • Blog, Facebook and Twitter my updates.
  • Share my adventures 🙂

Thank you for staying with me or for joining me if you just have. 

This is day one and here is my first drawing. 

The reference photograph for this was taken on a leisurely walk up to the Roman Villa At Brading, Isle of Wight for a very nice coffee and cake break.    I was bravely taking close up photographs till the curious cows wandered through a gap in the fence into the field I was in. 

Now, I know cows are pretty harmless but if they want you to move then they will move you …… so I walked on by 🙂


She did look pretty curious though

100 days …. I will just about make it before British Summertime ends

Watch this space.

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