Somewhere over the weekend I had my 10,000th visitor to my blog. I am extremely grateful for all your support and your comments.

Now, time for a little experiment. I bought some coloured paper to try out my pencils on.

It is all over the place to start with as I am seeing how the two interact.


Not sure yet.


The texture on the paper is making it difficult to get the effect I am used too. Still not sure.


Stopping here. Not enjoying working on this paper. Need something smoother. Quite like the drawing though – my cat Spike.

2 thoughts on “10,000”

  1. I really like this!
    The coloured paper suits Spike’s tones and the texture is nice. Please don’t give up on working with these media.

    1. Thank you and thank you for taking the time to look at my work. There is a real split between the yes and no camps on this one. I am a real detail freak though and it stops me getting the results I love.

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