I never imagined that my 30 day challenge would inspire so many people to take on their own challenges and I am really honoured that these ladies have found me an inspiration. 

First a progress report, Karen Geilen has had a few problems including being ill but has bravely continued with her challenge, this beautiful sketch of her son is my favourite so far.



The next challenge to start is a poetry 30 day challenge by Liz Spurgeon who combines beautiful images with lovely poems which always make me smile.  Sorry I did not post about this one sooner, but you will have fun catching up.

This is my favourite so far……watch this space though as I am working on an illustration for one of Liz’s poems which I am very excited about.




There a place

a recreated space


this fragile land


A place where

time emerges

drifts and views

feel the realness


A gentle hint of before

A shape somewhere

the virgin

the hunter


 frolic in delicate

Flora depths


Sounds heard

when all is still

so lush

so fair so sweet

dusky in drizzle

 Diana’s Lake

Catch up here


Last but certainly not least a new challenge started yesterday with a flourish. I wish Carla Boulton & Dea Paradisos well in their challenges and if the first day is anything to go by then we are certainly in for a treat.











The one on the left is Carla’s and the one on the right is Dea’s but you can find more out by looking  here



I have a new challenge brewing and I will tell you all about that soon but first I have some new artwork to post tomorrow.  Good luck to everyone who is working on their own challenges and I would love to hear about them….maybe we could have our own Challenge Tuesday Feature.  Hmmmm, that sounds like an idea we could have fun with 🙂  Let me know if you have any ideas.



2 thoughts on “Challenges”

  1. I like this concept of a challenge. I was working on a similar project last year and it helped me to overcome my inner critic and to bridge the gap between heart and head. I have a creative technique I call: “You write song-lyrics in the next 10 minutes.” – But it works only in German for me.

    Lang may yer lum reek!

    1. I need a goal to work towards or I just spend too much time worrying and not enough time working. Is also good to have people encouraging you and helping you find the right direction 🙂

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