This picture is a labour of love as I did not realise how much work it would be……maybe I am just adding more and more detail each time I draw.  Whe did I become such a detail freak? 😮  

I am becoming rather attached to this little fellow though he is actually a combination of 3 reference photographs. This is something else I have not attempted before but, I did not have any photos of my own to work from so have to do some research and still could not find the perfect image so combined my reference photos with the image in my head.

Images in your head are a dangerous thing as they are perfect in your mind’s eye but rarely come out on paper the same way.  That gives you 2 or 3 options

  1. Freak out about the fact that you cannot draw what is in your head.
  2. Adapt the image in your head to match what is on the paper.
  3. Give up  (Not an option)

I am trying to get to no2 at the moment but number 1 is still creeping in there.  Am I the only one that does this?

It seems like I have not made too much progress but there is a good 3 hours work to get from stage 1 to stage 2 of this drawing.  One thing I am struggling with is that I cannot draw something without a name and cannot come up with anything that suits him.  

So….I am handing that job over to you…..please 🙂


Can you come up with a name for him…..if you do I will send the winner a signed print of the finished image.

Oh….and I learned something new too thanks to @Tittch.  He is not a monkey 🙁

Wikipedia says

No, an orangutan is a hominid (great ape). Hominids are primates, but technically not monkeys.
He is still cheeky though 🙂

8 thoughts on “Cheeky Monkey – Part 2”

  1. My first thought was Harmony. A combination of the three photos and your minds eye to create a beautiful Harmony. But it felt very feminine so I then thought of Hominy derived mainly because of the use of Hominid in the explanation. And then Homme (which means Human or Man) and I thought that was of interest on several levels. No matter what this is a wonderful painting and I am excited to see the final image.
    Christy (@gulfsprite)

  2. Oh, I was going to say Barney… just because that was the first thing that came into my head- but Christy’s answer is so much better!

    I really love the breakdown of options.
    No- you most certainly not the only person that struggles with option 1.

  3. I think Charvi (which means beautiful in Indian) if the monkey is a girl.
    Or Caprice (in all the best senses of the word – which is inspirational, in my opinion) if the monkey is a boy.
    (I think she looks like a girl *tilts head*) 🙂
    She’s super adorable.

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