I have to sit back for a moment and look at how things have taken a massive leap for me.  I am so incredibly busy and I am very lucky that people are prepared to wait to own some of my work.  It is so inspiring for an artist to know that there work is desirable and so gratifying to know that you make people smile with your creations.

I am so grateful that so many of my commissions come from existing clients, either because they want more work done themselves or because they have shared their portraits and brought me more new clients. There is no greater compliment and I hope that never stops.

Today’s drawing is of a lovely dog who won a competition run by the Romford Recorder to promote the London Pet Show.  The prize was a portrait by me.  I find that quite exciting too 🙂

This is Chelsea

She is a Jack Russel/Dalmation cross and just beautiful.

The owner has also asked me to record each stage of the drawing so she can display the entire process, not just the finished result.

Here is the sketch and the first update.

More soon 🙂

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