Hooray…. He is finished before Christmas. 😀

Please let me introduce ‘Dancer’ – so named because of the way he is holding himself, proud like a dancer.

dancer sm

He does seem to have a twinkle in his eye as he is looking forward to Christmas and a tiny smile, knowing all the treats that await him in hopefull childrens’ homes. 

dancer eyes


Now it feels more like Christmas……my first with my grandchild and my kids and my future husband all together.

WOW!  What a year!

At this point I would have loved to show you the Christmas card I planned to make him into


……my printer had other ideas. 

They know when you need them to behave,

they know when you don’t have time to play their games,

they know when your patience is at its thinnest

and then they just decide not to cooperate….

Is it a big printer conspiracy?

….or is it just me?

I will win in the end though 🙂

One thought on “Dancer – My Little Bit of Christmas”

  1. I just love him – what a gorgeous picture!! Love the Christmas card plan.

    I know the printer conspiracy well – mine went to town on me on the day I had to hand in my dissertation at uni! One line per page and then nothing. I can laugh now…just 😉

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