I promised I would let you see how I got on with my vegetable challenge so here it is.


It is the first time I have ever painted vegetables but I enjoyed it.  It is also really interesting to see how everyone else interpreted the same photograph.

You can see my picture along side the others at


Now that I have painted this it  doesn’t really fit with the other pictures on my website so I thought we could have a silent auction for a charity where my friend Sherien works .  The charity works with troubled teenagers – something which I have experience of.  You can see what they do at


If you would like to bid for the painting it is mounted so that the finished measurement is 500mm x 400mm.  It is your chance to own a unique piece of art and help a great charity at the same time.  Simply place your bid in a comment (which I will not publish), making sure you leave me an e-mail address, and the highest bid at the end of June gets the painting, the charity gets all of the money you bid.



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