Happy New Year.

2012 was an amazing year for me as my art became more of an integral part of my life. I achieved so many firsts and enjoyed the whole experience all year.

My aim for last year was to have my most creative year ever and I achieved that with flying colours. I have not added up how many drawings I completed but I will shortly and create an album for last year to remind me how far I have come.

I have so many more things planned for this year and I look forward to the challenges I have set myself.  I will reveal some of the things I have planned over the coming weeks but for now I would just like to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given me. I appreciate it so much and hope you will continue to follow me this year.

For now I will leave you with one of the biggest challenges from last year.

If you follow my work you will know I have played with human portraits but this was my first full commissioned portrait. I sweated blood over this one but the end result was very well received as a Christmas present.


This part was fun.


It got harder here.


Finished I think.


Ready to go.

Need to practice some more human  portraits though so I don’t get so stressed out over them.

I have some more commissions to share with you from Christmas soon too.   Please remember I love to hear what you think.  Your comments are always appreciated.

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