One of the areas I really want to explore this year is human portraiture.  I am totally fascinated with it especially after watching the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year.  That series left me totally inspired, it was nice to see an art show that portrayed truly talented artists.

I also did a portrait with the art group who are kind enough to put up with me once a month, we tackled a subject that I figured most people would know in one form or another.  He is an incredibly talented and accomplished actor and also happens to have a very interesting face.  The photograph is one of the official publicity shots for House so I am calling this one fan art.

Hugh Laurie.

Some of my friends will have seen this as I posted it on my personal Facebook page to make sure he was recognisable so apologies if you have.  The best way to practise portraits is by drawing someone that everyone recognises to ensure that you create a believable portrait.  This portrait was created with my usual watercolour pencils with the addition of pastels to help create a smooth skin tone.

I want to do some more of this as I thoroughly enjoyed this one….well it is Hugh Laurie!!


I miss House.

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