Ok…..I admit it.

Blogging and drawing every day when you are trying to arrange a wedding (in less than 3 months) and make your own dress and cake was a bad idea. 🙁

Especially when you are working on commission which you cannot share until the client is happy with them.


I am going to take the pressure off myself so that I can enjoy the whole process more again and aim for 5 days out of 7. 🙂

That is still going to keep my addiction to drawing happy and let me enjoy the whole wedding process too.


Please tell me you forgive me 😮

When I have drawings that I cannot show you yet, I am also going to share some of the things I have learned from all of the reading I have done and all of the exchanges with other wonderful artists.

  1. The first thing is always carry samples of your work with you as you never know when you will run into a potential client.

 There is a very easy and inexpensive way to do this and that is Moo Cards.

 Those of you who know me will know that I am a great fan of this company!!

 Here is a bit of my portable portfolio:


They are all the size of business cards so easy to carry about.

Like this:

 They fit in your handbag. 🙂  …. Or Manbag ……or Artbag!

I got 2 sets of 25 done so I always have a good selection of my work at hand.  They look very professional too with all my contact details on the back.  It is also easy to update them by adding and subtracting cards.  You order 50 cards at a time and can choose to use 50 different images – no extra charge.

The lovely people at Moo will also give you some free sample ones to try 🙂


 Now you are always ready to discuss your work!  Go network!

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