My First Ever ACEOs

I have often been asked if I can create my drawings in ACEO format.  For anyone who doesn’t know what that is it means Art Cards, Editions and Originals.  Basically they are trading cards for artists and measure a collectable 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

I love them as it means I can have artwork from some of my favourite artist without breaking the bank.  🙂

I have created 4 limited edition ACEO’s of the 4 drawings that have been most commented on when I have posted them here or on other sites.

They are Casper, the White Lion; Oscar the Baby Orangutan, Nahla the Lioness and Colin the Baby Giraffe.

They are printed on high quality art paper, just as my prints are and come in a soft, protective pocket.

There will only ever be 20 of each printed as ACEO’s so if you would like one I suggest you get over here and bid for one.

Or…. one person will win a set of these just by leaving a comment telling me which is your favourite or which of my other drawings you would like to see as ACEO.  You can get a second chance to win by telling someone else about these on your own site, facebook twitter or whatever!   Just remember to tell me where you have posted it.

Have fun!  I will draw the winner next Friday  🙂

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  1. julie

    Colin is my favourite!! He watches over me every night when I’m sat watching telly

    1. Pamela

      I forgot you had Colin : ) He is definitely one of my favourites

  2. Heather Townsend

    I love Oscar… And would love to see more of your dog pictures as an ACEO

    1. Pamela

      Thanks Heather Will maybe do domestic animals next : )

  3. peta

    Oh I just love them all!! If I had to pick one – it would have to be the baby orangutang – the epitome of cute!!!

  4. Cherilynn Wood

    Pamela, It would be hard to choose just one of these, I love all your work! But if I had to, it would be the orangutan, such a happy and mischievous smiley little guy.

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