The theme is “Time and Being Human” … interpretation is “My Time Being Human” so you get snapshots of my life in the postcards.  I will use this challenge to stretch myself again and explore what I can do.  I will also share a little of what makes me ….me.

I thought about my theme for quite a long time, thinking about times in history, development of the human race, how we affect things but decided that this should be a much more personal exploration….it may even help me work out where all of my time goes!!

As I started off thinking then I thought that should be my first image, it doesn’t get much more personal than this

MailArt001 sm

This is me spending time thinking, it is not often I get the time just to sit and think but there is a quiet time in the morning when I am just awake that I try to spend some time planning and thinking.

I don’t normally draw people as I struggle to make them look alive, but the challenge is on (@beingmenow set that during my 30 day challenge and I did not forget but this is the first time I have attempted it) and I was quite pleased with this.  I asked my son if this looked like me and he said “Yes, but where are the wrinkles?”  …..Hmmff!!

I don’t see the wrinkles, well I try very hard not to 🙂

As always, I would love to hear your opinion….should I stick to animals??

I have applied 5 coats of varnish to try to ensure that this reaches it’s destination and I am looking forward to sending this off tomorrow.  It is great that this is all being done by real mail as it is always fun to receive mail that does not include a bill!!

There will be another image tomorrow as it is nearly done so see you all then 🙂

7 thoughts on “My First MailArt Image – Self Portrait”

  1. I´m very impressed by your felicitous rendition of this pensive sight!
    And the icing on the cake is the fact that you took up my suggestion for your first MailArt Image!
    What a great honour! Thank you!

  2. I love it! Yes, I agree people are very hard to draw (especially in colored pencil). You have to capture the special things about the face that make it very unique to that individual. Although I love to draw faces, each portrait I draw is a challenge. It is an enjoyable challenge though. You did a great job. They do get a little easier after you draw a few.

  3. You have done a wonderful job on the eye, which is the most important part. It has been said, if you get the eyes right, everything else is forgiven – although you’ve done admirably on it all. I would be very happy receiving it in the mail! As for sticking to animals, what did your first animal you ever did look like? Was it as good as this self-portrait? I love how you are willing to try new things – and look at how talented you really are!

  4. I like this very much. It’s very authentic and not just a pose – which is the big trap for me when I do my self portraits. “Being me now” isn’t easy at all – congratulations on your success!

  5. In fact, this is SO you, that I’ve put this against your contact in my phone 🙂 I know this is beyond your “comfort zone”, Pam, so even more impressive. And don’t forget … animals are people too!!! 😀 x

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