Last week at the festival I decided to work while I was there as an artist working is a good discussion point and helps make good conversations – which it did very well for me.

I was very luck to have a fantastic commission to work on which was a huge challenge but a labour of love.

This is ‘Bear’ who sadly died recently and the owners wanted a portrait to preserve their happy memories.


I worked in watercolour pencils (no water involved) as I love the texture I can build and the level of detail I can achieve.  Here is the finished result.

Bear Sm

I am sure this dog is smiling, I was when I finished it ….I am also very happy to say that the owners are delighted.

I t was really good that people who saw me start the portrait came back later in the week to see the results and also commissioned me to do their own animal portraits so it was great.

This is how it looked all mounted up

 Bear mounted

Will do a report on the Festival in next couple of days when I gather everything up ….but watch this space as I am going to launch my biggest giveaway ever tomorrow!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Work – ‘Bear’”

  1. Having seen you do this I am full of admiration for your ability to bring a photograph to life. Bear is so life like and you really have captured his smile. Great work.

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