I did stay away from the computer last night and confined myself to pencils.  I took my drawing board upstairs and sat on my bed – where no teenager or cat dares to go.  With no-one shouting ‘mum’ or ‘mieow’ (believe me, cats can shout too!) I had a calm atmosphere and so a very calm picture was started.


This is one of my cats, Spike, the last time he attempted to help….after walking across my drawing board with wet paws, he settled down beside me and went to sleep with a very contented look on his face. 

Here is the completed drawing which you can find on RedBubble.  I will add it to my website in the next day or two as well.


 It is such a hard life being a cat….especially in my house where they are spoiled rotten!!  I am not sure if he approved of the picture, he looked at it and said something which he seemed to think I should understand, then marched upstairs.  No idea what all that meant!

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