I have completed another drawing 🙂

Look at those eyes

There is something so wonderful about horses – the combination of strength and beauty and intelligence and, in this case, gentleness.  It was such a pleasure to make this horse’s acquaintance, I only wish it had not been so brief.

I have to say I am pleased with this drawing and it is ready just in time to be framed for The County Fair this weekend.  I have 4 drawings to pick up on Friday so I am pretty excited, it is always really nice to see them framed.  You all know how much I love creating these drawings but there is even more passion in them at the moment…I hope you can see it. 😀

There will not be much drawing done for the rest of the week as I try to get organised for upcoming events but I hope to have time for a little at least.


2 thoughts on “Old Beau Complete”

    1. Thank you. There one was not a commission, it is part of a collection I am showing this summer. It already proving to be a favourite though, which is really nice. 🙂

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