This was a new event for me and one of the nicest I have done so far. We had wonderful neighbours, great visitors and the sun did put in an appearance for a lot of the weekend.


I had planned to work on some commissions this weekend but a few things worked against me.

1. It was so cold yesterday morning that I could not feel my fingers so not the best time to work on something important

2. It was so windy today that we nearly lost the gazebo, had one picture smashed and spent most of the day chasing price tags and cards

So I started a small picture to keep me out of mischief for a bit.


This is the ocelot cub that was born at Amazon World this year. He is beautiful and I caught this picture of him a couple of weeks ago when I went there with my friend and my camera. 🙂

Here is the progress I made yesterday.


I will save today’s progress for another post and for when I have unpacked my sketchbook and photographed it.

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