I thought I would do something radical tonight and actually write a blog post 🙂

I have been very busy drawing which is great news for me but I have not been able to share most of them as they are gifts …. but this one I can share.  🙂

This drawing proved to be a real test as it included three beautiful boxers.


As I am right handed, it is best to work from left to right to avoid smudging

Happy so far 🙂

Moving onto the second dog was nerve wracking enough

but a third meant that I had a lot to lose if it went wrong.

It didn’t 😀

I could not show you this while I was drawing it as it was a gift.  Here is the email I got after the gift was given and received.  This is the best you can get when you give a drawing….I think.

Just a quick mail to let you know she absolutely loved it …. she was well and truly stumped for words and at first she thought it was an actual photo and not a drawing.  She also went on to say it is the bestest gift she has ever received and it is going up in the front room on display its her pride and joy to have her babies up in a frame.  Everyone on Facebook has commented on it saying that it is beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular etc
Thank you so so much for such a great job x x x x

2 thoughts on “Triple Test”

  1. Wow, truly amazing. You are so talented, I was inspired so much by your work a few years back that I used your work as research for my college work, thanks for sharing this amazing work, I would hate to give this piece of art up quite honestly 🙂

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