At the sweet corn fair last year I was asked to do a portrait for a seventieth birthday present. The dog was a rescue dog that the owners had had for two and a half years.

This is Vinnie


With the photos of Vinnie came a letter that told me about this wonderful dog and I have permission to share some of it. This is of course written by Vinnie himself.

I need my own sofa to sleep on during the day and their bed to sleep on at night so I am warm and safe.

I have a rubber ball with me at all times when on a walk, otherwise I may go off and tear down a tree or something. Mum says it sounds like someone is being murdered if/when I do, so a rubber ball is a better option.

When we have my playtime walk in the late afternoon, I have trained mum to throw a tennis ball from the thrower for me. Then I can run with my rubber ball in my mouth, touch the tennis ball with my nose then she gets to throw it for me again. She’s finally learned to throw the ball in the direction we are going, so that saves her a bit of time and effort, but she was a slow learner!

If my rubber ball should fall out of my mouth into nettles, poo, rambles or while crossing the bridge over the mud flats, it is not my responsibility to get it out. That’s why mum’s there.

When it’s raining I do not go out. I don’t care. When dad tried to take me to the forest when it’s raining so I didn’t get too wet!  But a couple of times running back to the car taught him to save the petrol and just take me out briefly on the lead till the weather clears up.

I love this and it is always wonderful that a rescue dog finds such an amazing home and family.

Here is the start of the drawing.


You have to come back tomorrow for part 2 🙂

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