Am I the only artist who needs a challenge to light a fire under them.  I set myself the challenge of getting my website up and running in 2 weeks…and I did it.  It still needs a few tweeks but it is soooooooo much better than the last one.

I now have a million ideas in my head as to what to do next but, and it is a BIG BUT, I have done almost nothing this week.  Britain’s got Talent has been a distraction but I had no deadline or definite challenge.

I just read this wonderful blog from a fabulous artist who featured on

This is true!!  I need that push, I need someone to set a challenge and I will stick to it. 


What should it be??

Can anyone come up with a challenge that will get me off the sofa…..or at least on the sofa with a sketch book?

Would you like to join me in the challenge?  (Could be fun…..depending on what you come up with)

It is 1st June on Monday, the start of a new month, so what can I/we do?


Just look at what Rebecca Finch has achieved

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