Back to abstracts today and this is the biggest one so far.  It is around 60cm x 40cm.

This picture is called ‘From Darkness’ and reflects my life in many ways as there have been a great many very dark patches, but there is always something good comes from it…..hence the flower.

I have use coloured paper, acrylic paint, fabric, beads, slate chips, wire and silver leaf…..think that is everything.  (Forgive my terrible photography again, I will try harder – I promise)

From Darkness

From Darkness


From Darkness Detail1From Darkness Detail2










I also had another attempt at my Self Portrait, happiER with it but not yet happy.  It is  lot looser than the first one and I think ‘more alive’  but ….I can feel a third attempt coming on : )


I also promised to share some of the work of people I have ‘met’ on Social Networking.

Today my ‘Twitter Friend’ is not a visual artist but still a very talented artist. So instead of something to look at here is a link to something you should listen to.  I love this music and I think that a lot more people should get the chance to listen to it.

The Artist’s name is Steve Wood, and just for the record he has a great sense of humour too.  I hope you enjoy his music as much as I have.  My favourite is ‘In My Arms’ but I love all of them

Thank you Steve

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 11”

  1. Is your 30 day challenge just something you developed yourself or are you following a challenge outlined somewhere? I like the idea of a 30 day challenge to push the envelope. Loving looking at your work…nice!

  2. Thanks Karen, I appreciate your support. There is a 30 Day Artist Website which I had seen but I think it is 40 pieces in 30 days. My reason for doing this is the Arts Festival I am doing at the beginning of August. This way I will have enough work to show and people shout at me if I don’t get this blog up in time…..The best reason to keep me working!

    It has also been a fantastic way to get to know new people…..and myself! Hard work but fun!

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