Sunday morning and I had a productive evening last night.  I worked a lot on preparation last night but I did complete one picture which is the one that I am sharing today.

I have been experimenting quite a bit during my challenge but I stuck to what I know best for this one.  Acrylic paint, paper, beads, wire and silver leaf.  It is quite a dramatic piece and is 50cm by 50cm so is a good size to be a statement piece.

This piece is built up with silver leaf, paper mache and layers of acrylic paint to create texture then highlighted with the wire which is crocheted and woven with beads.  This picture has lots of texture and plays with light and shadows to create an image which changes as the light does.

I love working in grey and silver tones and I am please with how this turned out.  I have simply called it ‘Sliver of Silver’….sorry the play on words appealed to me.

Sliver of Silversliver of silver detail


I am going to leave you with a short blog post again today as I have to get some more paint on the canvases.  I want to create paintings, like this one, which I am happy with and that really say who I am as an artist, that takes time and I am happy to take that time. I don’t want to short change those of you who read this but I will get back to sharing my friends with you tomorrow.

I hope you have a good Sunday…see you tomorrow.

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