Half way through my challenge and I know I have not achieved enough.  I look at my tiny studio and compare it with the space that I will have at the Festival and there is just not enough there.  Once I make up my prints it will be better but I am going to have to work a lot harder……just not sure how yet.

I started this canvas yesterday and finished a lot sooner than I intended but I just like the simplicity and the colour combinations and decided to stop.  It is just variations of brown to red with yellow in and a tiny bit of white.  All mixed on the canvas to see what happened.  I added some stripes using the same colours then added gold for highlight and some ribbon for contrast.

I called it ‘Variations’


Variations Detail

 As you can see, I failed miserably in my attempt to get better photographs but I have called for help and my friend is going to help when she comes back from holiday next week.  I have followed all the tips I have read but my camera is just not up to the job.  Dropped hints for my birthday yesterday but that is a while away yet.  Will also try to get some proper lessons soon to improve things.  There is just so much you need to learn to blog and produce a website.  It is a great learning curve but very steep.

I promised I would share the work of another ‘Twitter Friend’ today and that is Debbie Lamey-MacDonald.  A very talented artist who has a lovely softness to her work and a great attention to detail.  Debbie is a lovely person who gives her support and friendship generously.


This is my favourite as it reminds me of visits to see my gran and grandad and of summers staying with them.  My gran had a laugh like the cartoon dog ‘Mutley’ and she laughed so much at everything. 

You can see more of Debbie’s work here:


Thank you Debbie.

6 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 15”

  1. Hi Pamela!

    I am so humbled and greatly appreciative of your lovely mention and kind words! Thank-you!! It is a pleasure to be your friend on Twitter. I am so glad “Femininity Lurks Within” brought back special childhood memories. It did the same for the owner; the handkerchief and ribbon reminded her of her grandmother too! The handkerchief was lent to me by my friend and it had belonged to her grandmother! All so nostalgic!

    I really love your work posted today! Love the colors,blurred stripes and the ribbon creates depth. I admire you for pushing yourself and having the courage to try new techniques. Bravo!! Wishing you continued creativity and inspiration on your journey through your 30 Day Challenge Project!


  2. only you know that the camera did not capture the true colors..it is absolutly lovely…i love the rain above all else, and this to me is the melting of the rainbow into rainfall.

  3. Loved the stripy one lots.
    Do you have any photos of the space you have for your show/
    I sympathize with your concerns about how much you will need, Do not forget that once things are out of the studio they look different may take up more or even less space than though. Who said art was easy?

    1. I didn’t take photographs but the space I have will be 14 feet long. I will have wall space which is slightly more than that and table and easel space. I am to occupy that space for 9 days and I have people who have indicated that they are coming with the intention to buy a piece. I will be able to work during the 9 days which will help.

      As always, I appreciate your support

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