This picture is another straight from the heart painting from me… colours, my style, ‘shiny bits’…..what more could you ask for?

I read somewhere this week (sorry, can’t remember where) that an artist should remember that just because they have seen their own style many times before, it is fresh and new to most people seeing it.  I should probably also remember that many people have my paintings hanging in their homes and are very happy with them and very happy to promote me too. 

This picture was a joy to paint, it just grew on the canvas and happily came together to give a very passionate feeling painting.  I have used gold leaf, acrylic paint and beads for this one.

I am calling it ‘Scarlet’ 


scarlet detail

As he said his favourite colour is scarlet too, my ‘Twitter Friend’ today is David Sandum. David always makes me smile, both through his art and his conversations.  He has an amazing love of art and his website has his own ‘Hall of Fame’ which is a great source for anyone wanting to see some of the greatest artists in history.  I love the quotes he has taken the time to research from these inspiring artists.

I have chosen my favourite picture from his site as this one, I would love to be standing there watching this sunset and this painting takes me there.


You can see more of his work here.

Thank you David

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 16”

  1. Thanks you. i was very moved by what you wrote. I also enjoy writing with you and all the other fantastic people/artists on twitter. Being an artist is often lonely business, but now we have a venue.

    Never give up!!!


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