Sorry this is such a late post but this drawing has been a marathon.  I have found as this challenge goes on I have wanted to push myself more and more.  I have wanted to see where my boundaries are…..the problem is that as I push the boundaries, the time taken to complete the pictures increases.

This was a labour of love, I had new pencils to work with and a number of reference photographs so there was a lot of working out involved too.  I love cats and big cats are such beautiful creatures that I really wanted to do him justice….again.  I have ‘lost’ more than a day on this picture as it had my entire attention.  A couple of times I lost the feeling in my legs, I didn’t sleep much because I wanted to work on him. 

So, was it worth it?


The biggest thing this challenge and the people that are supporting me have given me is courage…..the courage to try anything instead of worrying about failing.  The Art Festival is huge for me as it is the first time I have stood alone with my artwork and faced people.  I am quite a shy person and find that very difficult but I feel like I have gained so much in the last 21 days that I can do this, and I don’t feel like I will be doing it alone.

It is now 6.30pm and I still need another picture to show you tomorrow….will I succeed?

You will have to check back tomorrow to find out 🙂

9 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 21”

  1. There´s no loss at all. Win-Win at its best! I send you all my best wishes from Germany to make you maintain your courage! Thank you – this is really great art!

  2. You can do it and I know you can be a success.I reckon these animal drawings will do well as people like this sort of work.
    Once you set up and get going and people stop by and look at your work you will be fine,
    Best thing do not show you are concerned at selling and perhaps not be to to keen in a at your face kind of way ley people look in their own time.
    also have a Artist statement on display.You probably know all this anyway.
    Be prepared for feeling drained after the show there is a lot of enrgy that goes into these things. i am still trying to get over my degree show!!!

  3. I thought yesterday’s giraffe was impressive. This is even better.

    You’re improving everyday, which is a good enough reason for this challenge all by itself. Where will you be by the end of the year?

    So, what’s next?

  4. Your leopard drawing is magnificent! You put those new pencils to fantastic use. Well done.

    The Art Festival will be an exciting new venue. Relax and enjoy. Tony Moffitt recently pointed out in his blog that people love to hear the stories behind the paintings. You tell great stories in your blog; just pretend your emailing face-to-face and tell the picture’s story. You’ll do great.

  5. i have been so impressed and enjoying your art for some time. it is wonderful that there are also words and thoughts with your work. a worthy goal you have set…

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