This may be the quickest blog post I have ever written but this is printing and going to the framers day so it has to be done.

The drawings I did of the dogs recently really fascinated me with their fur and how to portray it on paper.  It takes a lot of layers and mixing the colours to get a ‘real’ effect.  This made me wonder about other animal types and whether I could achieve the same kind of effect.  So here is that experiment, it came from a photograph I have had for a very long time and cannot even remember where it was taken.  This baby was very young and looked like it just wanted to go to sleep. 

This is probably the longest I have worked on any drawing and it was very late when I walked away last night then I worked on it more this morning.  I was struggling to see if I had achieved waht I wanted but I find that if I scan a drawing in and look at it on the screen then that is my way of ‘stepping back’ and looking at it with new eyes.  I really wanted this to work and  I hope I have done it justice.  I will leave it to you to tell me.










I have been busy ordering postcards, cards, moo cards and chocolate all with my designs and images and I am really looking forward to sharing them with you.  I am now going to finish my printing and get to the framers.

See you all tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 20”

  1. He is soooo sweet Pamela! I love him! You did a terrific job–such a sweet face. Yes! You should do more animals as you capture their essence. Looking forward to your next post ;D

    1. Thank you, I think I got too tired and too close to the drawing to see it any more. I really appreciate your comments, as I keep saying, they keep me going through this challenge.

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