Today’s work is back to being an abstract.  This was fun to do, I got caught up in wire, there were beads flying everywhere and my cat was totally intrigued by the work that was going on.  There was a lot of laughter involved in creating this picture so, to me, it is a happy image.

There is not a lot of colour in this image but it captures the light as it hits the gold leaf, the wire and the beads.  This means it is another picture which changes as the light moves during the day.  It is quite simple but sometimes simplicity is pretty too,  For this one I have used, acrylic paint, mulberry paper, gold leaf, wire and beads.

‘Golden Touch’

Golden TouchGolden Touch Detail










My ‘Twitter Friend’ for today creates work that makes me smile every time I see it, her conversation has the same effect so I am happy to share her work with you.

Cathy’s works combine painting with the use of other materials such as string, paper and cloth to create beautiful textured works which are incredibly striking.  You can see why I love her work as she uses texture and colour in a fascinating and innovative way.

This is my favourite, she has combined my favourite colour and one of my favourite flowers.


You can see more of Cathy’s work here:

Thank you Cathy

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